Young doctors’ strike


Medical profession is regarded as a very noble profession as the doctors serve the ailing humanity and treat them to be healthy once again. Doctors are given respect in the society for this reason by everyone. Doctors’ main responsibility is to treat the patients as and when they come to them with complaints of some ailments or diseases. But young doctors’ strike in the government hospitals has left much to be desired as they are not treating the patients even in emergency and not showing any concern and sympathy for them in any manner.
Irrespective of the problems and demands of the young doctors, which the Punjab government in all fairness is already addressing and still ready to talk to the striking doctors, how the young doctors expect the people to support them if they do not perform their fundamental duty of serving the ailing humanity. How many patients are waiting for the young doctors to call off their strike, resume their noble work and treat them? The number is certainly in thousands.
Young doctors not only stopped working and rendering medical services to the patients but also started indulging in unlawful activities which are least expected from highly educated and qualified people like them. Young striking doctors should in the first instance call off their strike if they have any respect for their profession and oath to serve the ailing humanity, come on table and resume negotiations with the provincial health officials regarding their demands and problems. This is the only way to get their problems and demands solved in a peaceful and amicable manner. Striking work and doctors are and should remain poles apart from each other.