You are the title deed..!

VERY often I see the government giving away land, doling out cash and gifts, that belong to you and me! The municipal officer sitting in his large air-conditioned office with state of the art furniture, chewed on betel nut leaves and spat some on the already red stained carpet which decked his once handsome floor. He looked with disgust at the men and women who had filed into his office, “You are all dirty,” he said.
“Cleaning the garbage dump, you said we could make into a park sir!” they said in hushed tones. “Your fingernails are black with muck!” he said. “Planting trees, preparing flower beds, making a stage, providing slides and equipment for the children!” whispered the men and women who had shuffled in. The municipal officer looked at their dirt with disgust as he again spat his wad of paan on the already stained red carpet, “How did you get funds for doing all that?” he asked.
“Telling people, it was their park; that every tree planted, bush grown, equipment bought was theirs! They gave from their little to make it what it is now; a haven of fresh air, for all around!” The municipal officer spat another wad on the carpet and said, “Now I want it back! I want to make it a car park, so hundreds of vehicles coming to the complex next door have a place to park!”
He grinned as he spat his next mouthful of chewed betel nut onto the once expensive carpet, “See, I am very good at doing that!” he said as they all stared at the carpet in dismay.
“But you can’t do that to our park!” cried all the people together, “You are going to make our park, a gas chamber of pollution spewing vehicles?” “Your park?” asked the officer his teeth glistening red, “Did you just say, ‘your park?” “Yes!” said the men and women together.
“Aha,” said the municipal officer as he chewed intently, and let some of the red dribble down the sides of his podgy face, “May I see your papers? Your title deed, the agreement saying you own the park!”
The people who had toiled night and day to turn the garbage dump into one of the best parks in the city smiled as they approached the municipal officer with their hands outstretched, “Here they are sir?” “I see dirt on your fingernails. Mud on your hands. Sweat on your faces. I smell muck and filth!” “That sir, is the title deed you ask for! Now come to the window and look out!” The municipal officer, podgy and fat got unsteadily onto his feet and looked out. He saw hundreds of thousands of people outside, all dirty, dusty, defiled, “Look at their hands sir, look at their empty wallets sir, that is the effort they made and we made together, to turn that garbage dump into a park with our blood, sweat and tears!”
The municipal officer stepped back from his window and was about to spit his red paan onto the once luxurious carpet, when the mob screamed, “That carpet sir, like the park, is ours. Not yours to destroy! You are, but a caretaker of what belongs to the people!” The officer paan dribbling down his cheeks ran as fast as his fat legs could take him: He had seen the title deed..!
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