Writers, poets role in National Action Plan highlighted


Zubair Qureshi

In order to abolish terrorism at every level, the writers and poets can play a pivotal role by promoting values of tolerance and acceptance for different ideas.
These were the views expressed by Lt Gen (R) Nasir Khan Janjua National Security Advisor in his presentation during one day symposium titled “The Role of Writers in National Security” on Tuesday April 18, 2017 jointly organized by Pakistan Academy of Letters (PAL) and National Security Division here on Tuesday.
General Janjua said he had presented a clear picture of Pakistan from the security perspective before the writers and poets and intellectuals (gathered there) and “now it’s upon you how to utilize the power of pen while highlighting the major aspects of national security.”
Indeed we have committed several mistakes in the past but now instead of repeating them it would be better to step ahead with mental understanding and harmony and take positive and wise decision for the sake of our Motherland, said he. This is the only way to get rid of terrorism from our country. Writers should also participate and play their roles respectively. He further, said that national security did not only mean to protect borders of any country but is also associated with other significant matters of its country like, economic, environmental and political development, defense of masses education, lives, health, wealth, their self respect and minds as well. We are blessed with rich fertile country and we should get advantage of it completely, so that our country could flourish in a positive way.
He showed beautiful clips in his presentation especially regarding the efforts made to create national harmony in Balochistan which is a great success no doubt.
Dr Muhammad Qasim Bughio Chairman PAL in his welcoming speech said that the need of the hour is to highlight the role of writers in making a peaceful society as well as to get the clarity of few terms which are misleading and confusing people like national integrity, national security and national harmony.
Dr Bughio shed light on the chief objectives of the seminar and emphasized that all the literary figures and intellectuals should sit together and get the solution of abolishing terrorism and hatred from the homeland while doing dialogue and figuring out the main culprit of it. He said that we are also the dreamers of beautiful and peaceful Pakistan and want to include Allama Iqbal, Gul Khan Naseer, Rehman Baba, Khushal Khan Khattak, Shah Latif Bhitai, Hamza Shumali , Faiz Ahmed Faiz, Sheikh Ayaz and all other writers in the golden dreams for the development of the country. He also talked about the 2-day national conference on “The Role of Writers in National Harmony” which was held at Muzaffarabaad, Azad Jamu & Kashmir as well as other national conferences which are going to be organized by PAL in the other cities of Pakistan like Landi Kotal, Gilgit Baltistan, Bara Gali, and Multan. Chairman PAL said that the main objective of these conferences is to get awareness and benefitted out of the worthy views of writers, poets, intellectuals and critics. He further stated that literature has always far-reaching positive and healthy effects on society and through literature negative views of the individuals of any society can be changed into positive ones.