World Post Day


Laraib Hameed

World Post Day is observed every year on 9th October, on the anniversary of the establishment of the Universal Postal Union in 1874 in the Swiss Capital, Bern. It was declared World Post Day by the UPU Congress held in Tokyo, Japan in 1969. Since then, countries across the world participate annually in the celebrations. The Post departments, in many countries, use the event to introduce or promote new postal products, services and initiatives.
Pakistan Post is a solely state run department that keeps the same value that it had at old times. Pakistan Post has been organized in a way capable of keeping its equal pace with other sectors of Pakistan because extended services provide wide range of respective facilities to corporate and individual customers. Postal services users, customers and employees/Management of Pakistan Post has been celebrating the Day for paying tribute to the initiatives of the Universal Postal Union. Objective of this Day is to highlight the services of postal departments that acutely contributed in development of business and other sectors. Whenever anyone plans or thinks to write a letter, one’s mind go back to old times when Post Office had a big significance as have the telephone and mobile modes in the present day world.
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