World should focus on wanton Kashmiri killings by Indian forces


Staff Reporter


Against the wanton killings of Kashmiri youth by occupying Indian forces in Held Kashmir the Secretary General of the Kashmir Peace Institute Syed Hameed Shaheen Alvi has appealed to the world to focus its attention on Kashmiri killings going on unabated. Kashmir is an international dispute; it is the moral and political obligation of the UN and its community of countries to help stop India Kashmir youth massacre.
In his statement on Kashmir here Sunday afternoon the Secretary-General said that Pakistan should move a resolution in the UN Security Council against the continued violations of UN Rulings by India since first Kashmir resolution of UN Security Council in 1948.
Kashmir is not Indian territory; Kashmir has never been part of India in any phase of history; Kashmir is for Kashmiris for which they are fighting their cause.
Explaining a Kashmir related UN point the Secretary-General said that the UN resolution wants accession of the State of J&K either to Pakistan or to India. There is no other option in the UN mandate. Therefore our mission is clear and acieveable; it cannot be ignored or neglected, he added.
He offered his tributes to veteran intellectual the late Zahid Malik for setting up Kashmir Peace Institute to project peace-wise the cause of Kashmir. Peace is powerful than war ravages, he explained.