World armies be united as one force under UN mechanism: Gen Bajwa


Syed Hameed Shaheen Alvi


Chief of Army Staff (COAS) of Pakistan General Qamar Javed Bajwa has proposed that foremost attention must now be focused on strengthening and maintaining world peace and building up tolerant societies everywhere. Tolerance will help combat extremism and terror, he added.
The present technological age has changed the concepts of defense and peace promotion. Human power, whether in uniform or otherwise, can be entrusted other global functions too to cement world-wide friendship bonds and broadening the understanding of evolving West-East, North-South blocs, he suggested.
In his exclusive interview with English Daily Pakistan Observer Tuesday in his office here, the Pakistan COAS was confident that the new system of placing world armies under operative command of UN is quite feasible. Wherever there will be peace breaking incidents or outburst of war in any corner of the world, the UN force would rush to control the situation and help normalize the affairs.
He adumbrated at the need that each nation of the world must pool their available resources to get new economic strength and social cohesion. The UN forces could help them in devising technical developmental plans and objectives. “We have had to move fast as one community. After the WWII the countries have gained fresh experiences to live together and got firm belief in one another’s potentials.
To a question he said: ‘I have developed my army to a prideful power; it can combat any hostile circumstances; it is quite capable to frustrate enemy designs in advance; but we want practically peaceful relations with all neighbors and want to settle all outstanding issues especially with India via dialogue and diplomacy.
The other side should also show readiness to solve the pending issues including that of Jammu and Kashmir.
On Afghanistan he said that we want that normal society grow up fast there. We are close neighbors, brothers and have much to share in building our mutual fortune, he said.
He felt the need that the armies of the world must gain one another’s techno-field experiences by group drills. He was of the opinion that the fast developing innovative war technology has diversified the roles of armies the world over; it will have now to assist even farmers in crops fields as economy is the basic strength of defense. He indicated that this new concept would soon be introduced in the training schools/colleges managed and run by our armed forces. Special quota will also be reserved for other countries who are members of the UNO.