Who killed Srinu?


EVEN as my heart sank this morning, reading about the death of the young Indian, Srinivas, shot dead by a gunman in Kansas, my question is, who killed Srinu?
Was it the gunman, Adam Purinton, who was drinking at the same bar, and who shouted, “Get out of my country!” to Srinivas and his friend, then went home, got his gun, came back and shot our young countryman dead?
Yes, it was his gun, his finger, his anger, but who gave him the realization, who empowered him to think that these two Indians were outsiders?
Many of us are going to say it is Trump! And yes, Trump with his rhetorical speeches of hate and anger against communities has made America, once the most tolerant of nations, into a country of racial hate!
No doubt, the president has unleashed a Pandora’s box of hostility, and won his election doing so. But is hate so easy to instill, or did he just unloosen the strings of dislike that were already residing in the hearts of many in the US?
Scratch the minds of many in the US and you will find bias and anger there, against people who they feel have infiltrated their land. Trump just unloosened and set free those feelings. England also saw the freeing of same thoughts in the Brexit vote. The anger was always there. Who put it there? Who killed Srinu? You and me, who are filled with bias against some community or other.
Today as I hear speeches of many leaders in our own country, quite often there is a religious bias. The easiest way to get votes our leaders have found is to make people insecure about another community. They bring in details saying that demographics are changing, that one community is growing larger in an area.
The other day in my own church, the priest showed how one religious community was growing larger in the world. He was scaring the rest of the people, and very angrily I told him what he was doing was wrong.
But just as our political and religious leaders do it, we say the same things in our homes. Our children bring friends home, we look at them suspiciously and say, “Beta, don’t get too friendly with him, he is not from our caste!”
Or not from our community, race or religion. We have to stop this. If we want the world to be more open and tolerant to us when we are abroad, we need to start with ourselves, otherwise don’t blame the gunman, don’t blame Trump, or anyone in our own country, blame our own selves, because what leaders do is to stir hate that is already within us, what we have to do is throw out that anger, start disciplining ourselves to look at others as brothers and sisters, otherwise we have only ourselves to blame for Srinu’s death in Kansas..!
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