What is DTH system?


Zohaib Ahmad Qureshi

DTH system has been in the boiling pot for many years and discussed, deliberated, supported and even opposed from time to time. Lately, it has become subject of heated discussion, but now it seems certain that it is going to be introduced in Pakistan with the auction of the country’s first three DTH licenses by PEMRA.
Like others, in all fairness, I was also not all that aware about what is DTH system. DTH refers to Direct-to-Home cable services. There are many advantages of DTH system as compared to present cable system in the country. Once you subscribe to DTH system, numerous advantages you will get include sharp picture and high quality voice, option to choose a channel of your choice, much desired parental control and guidance over which channels should be watched by children.
There may be some problems and difficulties in switching over to DTH system from cable network system for sometime. But all these will be overcome when you become familiar with DTH system and services it is providing. It is good to give DTH system a good and positive try than to merely keep opposing it. There is no harm in adopting a technology from which millions of people are benefitting and enjoying for years together around the world, please.