Whales on Tuticorin Beach


P Senthil S Durai

It was touching to see a school of whales being stranded and dying on the Tiruchendur beach in Tuticorin in Tamil Nadu-India. And this incident has demonstrated how important the marine life is. Various reasons like climate change have been quoted for this unfortunate incident. So it is important to find out the actual reason behind the event.
The fact that natural habitation and environment must be protected at all costs has been proved through this incident. Also, the monsoon vagaries are not only a cause for concern but also a chance to think over some strategies. The natural phenomena like El Nino and La Nina are nothing but the results of global warming.
It is also to be noted that present global economic slowdown [coupled with climate change] is a big threat to the interests of all nations. The world should come forward to resolve the issue of gas emission that is playing havoc with the aspects of monsoon.
— Maharashtra, India