Weak drainage system causes heavy loss to trade, industry


Salim Ahmed


The Lahore Chamber of Commerce & Industry (LCCI) has underlined the need for new drainage system as weak drainage system causes heavy loss to the trade, industry and masses in rainy season.
The LCCI President Abdul Basit, Senior Vice President Amjad Ali Jawa and Vice President Muhammad Nasir Hameed Khan said that sewerage system in the markets is outdated and dysfunctional and shows flood-like situation whenever there is heavy downpour. They said that rainy water enters into the factories, godown & other business places and damages the items like machinery, furniture, trading goods and raw materials etc.
The LCCI office-bearers said that rain water submerged main arteries of the city and suspends movement of imported goods from the port to the wholesale markets. They said that in many industrial units, rain water accumulated and stops almost all activities.
They said that there is a dire need to follow the drainage system of models or modern countries to get of the loss of billions rupees occurred to the traders every year just because of aging drainage system.
They said that though Punjab and district government are making all out efforts to make the situation better but there is a dire need to adopt the latest techniques to make the drainage system better.
“Equipment for drainage should be replaced, residuals disposal facilities should be constructed and Information Technology strategy should be developed”, the LCCI office-bearers suggested. They said that these measures would improve efficiency in drainage facilities and help reduce heavy loss caused by the below the mark drainage system in the rainy season.