We are children of Baloch!


A general sense of calm has prevailed and the biggest indication of this is the fervor in the people about their lives in general and the society at large. Events such as the Independence Day celebrations are a latent barometer. Started from August 6 this year across Balochistan, Yaum-i-Azadi-i-Pakistan celebrations are aimed at celebrating independence with solidarity. All the events are being held in Quetta with youth pouring in from all over Pakistan to participate in declamation and essay writing competition, youth seminar; main message to “ill-wishers” out there is pretty loud and clear.
One of the highlights of the event are the “Balochistan Excellence Awards”; held for the second year in a row. These awards recognize the achievers from the province in the field of education, arts, social work, sports, culture and science & technology. It is an unprecedented event in recent times especially in the province of Balochistan. With participants from all over Pakistan this event highlights the sense of patriotism and fervour for 14th August.
August 14, 2017 makes us a 70-year-old nation. This is an age that should impart maturity and a sense of responsibility for our actions. This should also bring with it a sense of achievement as we have made it so far, when the pundits had tried to rule us out of the global map some 50 years ago. From this day forward we need to stop waiting for people around us to do something and start making a difference ourselves. The brave people of Balochistan have countered an endless malicious campaign and their battle continues like the rest of Pakistan but their actions at the moment speak louder than words. We must as a nation unite and follow their lead into the next 100 years and vow to make Pakistan we all dream to be.
Quetta, Balochistan