War and peace..!


“Peace is better than war, because in peace sons bury their fathers: in war fathers their sons…” Croesus.

MOST of us, this generation have been lucky not to have seen a real large-scale world war, and so unlike our fathers and grandfathers we use the W word without thinking twice about the seriousness and terribleness of such situation.
There isn’t a spot on earth where politicians and so called mass leaders aren’t stirring people up with passionate rhetoric, spreading communal tension or churning religious fervor to never before heights!
Men of peace are considered sissies and the UN has been rendered into an old building babbling with babyish bickering. But we need to strive for peace because war even if it sounds manly and cowboy will bring a terror unimaginable to us who have grown up cocooned in peace!
Albert Einstein during his declining years granted a press conference to a number of newspaper reporters. After they had plied him with questions on many subjects, one reporter asked; “Mr. Einstein, would you care to make a prediction on the kind of weapons that will be used in the Third World War?”
Modestly he shook his head and said, “No, I would not venture a prediction!” After a brief hesitation he continued, “But I’ll tell you what will be the weapons in the Fourth World War!” The reporters were all ears and every pencil poised in anticipation of the wise man’s prediction. With an air of finality, the old man gave his reply, “Sticks, stones and clubs!”
That is what the next war will reduce the human race to; bands of tribes roaming a nuclear devastated earth; fighting with what the cave man once fought with!
The following lines were found inscribed on the wall of a shelled house in a bombed French village during World War I: War provokes pillage, Pillage brings ruin, Ruin brings patience, Patience implies peace, Thus does war produce peace! Peace provokes abundance, Abundance brings arrogance,
Arrogance brings war; Thus does peace produce war..! Today we live in a world of abundance, an abundance that is producing arrogance in world leaders, and thus the reason to guard a fragile peace!
I would like to end on a lighter note but without taking away from the seriousness of the topic: At dinner one evening a boy asked his father how wars get started. “Well,” said Dad, “suppose America persisted in quarrelling with England, and….”
“But,” interrupted the mother, “America will never quarrel with England, how can you say such?” “I know,” snapped the father, “but I am only taking a hypothetical instance.” “But you are misleading the child!” protested the mother. “I am not!” shouted the father angrily. “Never mind dad,” said the boy, “I think I know how wars are started…!”
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