Wall of education


Yamna Batool

What would be better than to donate the book to someone instead of throwing it out of your house? Yes. ‘Wall of Kindness’ and ‘Box of Happiness’, after two of these successful charity initiatives, our youth is ready to set another example of generosity. They have named it as “The Wall of Education”. It is a kind of book shelf, an open invitation for the people to donate their books which they feel unnecessary or needless. The prime theme behind the idea is to accommodate those students who are in need of quality books but unfortunately they cannot afford it as it is out of their pocket expenses.
Therefore, it is a milestone initiative, which focuses on building a bright future for underprivileged ones through education. Usually when we find a book as irrelevant or not-required, either we throw it away or sell it considering it a trash but after such wall we can simply help out the needy by providing them a pleasure of owning a book. The first Wall of Education is going to setup in University of Karachi on 24th September 2016. Second Wall of Education placement has been planned near DJ and SM College roundabout and further they will place similar Walls of Education near all Government schools and colleges of Karachi.
Previously in 2009, our all-time opponent India setup the mega book collecting and donating drive named as “Aviva, The Great Wall of Education” supported by one of the biggest media houses of their country as well as telecom operators, celebrities, social networking websites and NGOs to take it to a national level. The campaign has been activated across the country through drop boxes placed at Aviva branches and media house offices, where people are able to donate books including the publishing houses of India, which also donate books to the Wall. In order to ensure maximum participation, donation boxes are placed in around five hundred schools in ten cities of India through which school children are able to donate their old text books and note books.
Those books which are not relevant or usable for children have been recycled by their recycling partner and converted into fresh notebooks. Hence it was a huge success and has got an overwhelming response. Coming back towards our Wall of Education, I want to bring the attention of readers towards the rumours radiating regarding the scheme day by day that students of Karachi University, themselves will steal the books and will not reach the needy students, the books will soon be in dreadful condition and would tarnish or this idea is portraying the inadequate image of Pakistan in order of showcasing its low literacy rate that now public is giving away books to children and many more.
But this fair intention of our youth will surely play its role in a befitting manner and will be a fruitful step in the betterment and development of Pakistan to a great extent. Soon many organizers, partners and distributors will be becoming the part of it and it will be represented on big scale. The initiative is already being promoted on the social media platform through Facebook. Just have some patience and tolerance and believe on the youth, let the youth do what they are doing because they are the future of our country and undoubtedly they will never let down Pakistan.