Violence against women on rise!


Nellofur Bashir

Women are subjected to violence and extreme torture in our society. The feudal lords have promoted violence and deprivation of basic human rights. The women are dishonoured, little girls deflowered. There can be no comparable example in the history of Islam when the society was drowned in the darkness. Not a day passes when a woman is burnt alive , targeted , tortured or bludgeoned to death. Recently a young girl was brutally attacked and left to die without medical aid by the rest of the family. The callous brute set calling his father on the cell phone besides her cot. We all were astonished to learn why he killed her? He killed her because she was using the mobile phone. This man should be hanged in the City Square.
Another working woman a traffic warden was kidnapped by a brother-in-law on her way to home. He pressurized her to sign the property documents. She was thrown near the sewerage canal in unconscious state. She has been hospitalized and fighting for her life. She is a young widow with five children to take care of. A number of rape victims have committed self immolation. Chief Minister took notice of these tragic incidents but not a leaf stirred at all as of now.
These are the contradictions of our so-called Islamic Society. No woman is secure across the country. Callous and cruel husbands, instead of honouring their women, who take care of the domestic chores and welfare of the children, torture them. Why do these brutes marry and then subject these women to all kind of brutalities. A large number of women victims do not report the cases. The honour killing has become badge of honour for families. We must eradicate these crimes and violent acts against weaker sex. Our criminal Justice System has failed to stem these crimes. We need to free women and honour their rights. The civil society should become active to take stock of situation and improve condition of women.