Using unfair means to win..!


TODAY, I would like to concentrate our thoughts on many of us who use unfair means to win to the detriment of our own selves. There are two blood tests, a diabetic undertakes; one, on an empty stomach and the other, two hours after his meal. “Aren’t you having your normal breakfast?”
I asked a man who was going for his second test. “No!” he replied winking at me, “If I don’t eat, the tests will show I have no traces of blood sugar, and then I will be allowed to eat sweets!” What a fool. The tests are meant to help him, but to win against diabetes, he cheats.
I hear of students who have scored, 99% and even 100%, but when asked how they managed to score so high, you hear about how they cheated to get through. Finally, we have duds sitting in places where our lives are at risk: Doctors who know no medicine. Engineers who have no idea of construction, and the result spells death and destruction.
We use any means to win, and finally have losers taking the victory stand. In a particular colony, there was a ferocious dog. Since he was a stray, the residents could do nothing. The colony however made a small pen for the dog, which was kept tied till 11.30 in the night.Then came a cricket tournament and the secretary of the colony, was made captain of one team.
He was a man renowned for using any method to win; fair or foul. His game plan was simple: It wasn’t about batting or bowling. He knew neither. It was a night match, and he quietly gave instructions, I was told, to the watchman, to allow the dog out of the cage when the opposite team were going to bat.
The dog ran amongst the group of players and bit the batsmen going first, trying to unnerve him. It was a match before the match, as maniacal dog, as maniacal as the secretary, attacked the players. You can imagine the state of the team when they batted. But for this man, this was his devious way to win. But, like I said, such ways ultimately fail, because his son, who observed how his father did things, was also seen adjusting focus lights straight onto a batsman’s eyes to blind him and get him out.
The son had learned to cheat. But like the diabetic who fools the doctor, such men and women don’t realize they are fooling only themselves. This man, I heard, is keen on handling the redevelopment of his colony, but nobody trusts him. You can win matches. You can excel in your exams, but to win trust you cannot use unfair means to win. Finally you are a loser..!
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