Useless to cry over split milk


Shabana NB

Two years ago, there lived an 8-member family in Turbat city. The father was cruel and used to beat his family members for nothing. Days passed, weeks passed, months passed and then years but his behaviour didn’t improve. One day his wife decided to leave the house and go to her parents along with her children. When the cruel man came home after work in the evening, seeing nobody at home became more than happy. After one month, the man fell ill. After two months, he was diagnosed as cancer patient and due to cancer he endured a lot as there was no one at home to look after him. A few days before his death, he shared with somebody his wrong doings he committed to his family members and realized his mistake but at that time it was of no use. The proverb goes on: “It is useless to cry over the split milk.” The writing of this piece is just to highlight the importance of family bonds. We, in our lifetime, should value these bonds.
—Turbat, Balochistan