US toes Indian line


TOEING Indian line on the issue of terrorism, the US State Department spokesman, in his press briefing, has asked Pakistan to “shut down access to areas inside their borders to terrorists”. Similar remarks were also made by another spokesperson in August this year when he counselled Pakistan to “target all militant groups, and that includes those that target Pakistan’s neighbours, and they must also close all safe havens.”
We have repeatedly been pointing out in these columns that the United States is blindly borrowing Indian terminology in accusing Pakistan on the issue of cross-border terrorism. Such an approach by New Delhi is quite understandable as its objective has all along been to get Pakistan declared a terror sponsoring state but is not expected of the United States, which has been working closely with Pakistan for the last over one decade in the fight against terror. Pakistan has taken whole-hearted steps to dismantle terror groups and their networks but it would be worthwhile to remind the United States that it miserably failed to contain or check such groups in neighbouring Afghanistan from where attacks are frequently mounted on Pakistani territory besides sponsoring acts of terrorism in different areas of the country, especially Balochistan, FATA and Karachi. US spokespersons are quick in rendering unsolicited advice to Pakistan but they have closed their eyes to Indian brutalities against defenceless people in Occupied Kashmir. Hundreds of Kashmiris have been martyred besides injuries to thousands but this is not a fit case for the United States to take notice of! What a strange duplicity? This is despite the fact that Pakistan has provided comprehensive dossiers both to the UN and the United States besides other members of the international community about serious human rights violations in Occupied Kashmir and Indian-sponsored terrorism in Balochistan. Why the United States is making distinction between India’s state-sponsored terrorism and so-called terrorism elsewhere?