US rewards belligerent Israel


THE United States has agreed to provide a military aid package worth $38 billion to Israel over the next ten years. The new memorandum of understanding with Israel on security assistance, running from 2019 until 2028, constituted the single largest pledge of bilateral military assistance in US history.
Pro-Palestinian groups have rightly criticized the deal saying it amounts to rewarding the Jewish state despite its ongoing construction of settlements in Occupied Arab lands. Only in August 2016, the White House warned that the construction of settlements posed a “serious and growing threat to the viability of a two-state solution” to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict but finalization of the all-time highest military package for Israel is a clear testimony that the United States is paying only lip service to the cause of two-state solution. One fails to understand why the United States did not pressurize Tel Aviv on this point during discussion on the defence deal, which amounted to tacit approval of the Israeli belligerency. However, this is nothing new as Washington has all along been major and some time only supporter and benefactor of the Jewish state both at the UN where the international community conveyed its will clearly by adopting thousands of pro-Palestinian resolutions. In addition, Israel rejected all peace plans aimed at permanent, durable and just settlement of the Middle-East dispute and it also spurned latest attempts by different quarters. In this backdrop, remarkable increase in American military aid to Israel including the provision that allows funding of the Israeli missile programme, which is surely directed against Arabs especially Palestinians, sends wrong message to the international community and is rightly being seen as an endorsement of state-sponsored Israeli terrorism against Palestinians. No doubt, Obama administration has hurriedly finalized the deal and increased assistance for Israel in an apparent attempt to please Jewish lobbies in the United States ahead of Presidential elections but this runs counter to the cause of regional and global peace. Unconditional aid to a ruthless power, which uses American war machine mindlessly against Palestinians, is straight murder of humanity and this was substantiated on Thursday when the first thing Israel did after clenching the deal was to carry out air raids in Gaza Strip injuring many innocent Palestinians.