US greets Gen Bajwa


Washington—The United States on Thursday congratulated General Qamar Javed Bajwa on his appointment as Chief of Army Staff.
In a daily press briefing the State Department, Deputy Spokesperson Mark Toner said: “Let’s give this gentleman a chance to get up to speed, but we certainly congratulate him on the appointment and welcome the transition to a new chief of army staff.” Toner said that US maintains a close cooperation with Pakistan on counter-terrorism operations.
“With respect to our counter-terrorism cooperation with Pakistan, that’s ongoing. We work with them quite closely,” he said.
The deputy spokesperson further added: “They’re aware of some of our concerns, which include a safe haven for some terrorist groups that are active in the region.”
He concluded: “Pakistan’s also paid the price of terrorism. It’s in their interests, obviously, to crack down on any terrorist group that may be finding safe haven within its borders.”—INP