US Consulate hosts presidential election reception


Observer Report

Karachi—U.S. Consul General Grace Shelton hosted a reception for Karachi’s civil society, politicians, businessmen, journalists and students to watch live results of the November 8 American presidential election.
The Consul General Shelton said, “The United States is proud of its centuries-old democratic traditions and institutions. In addition to electing the 45th President, we are also choosing 34 Senators, 12 state governors and our entire House of Representatives.” CG Shelton added, “For over two-hundred years, Americans have been going to the polls every four years to select the President of the United States.
The democratic process is an inherent part of the American story and one that has helped the United States achieve some of its greatest successes. We believe that free and fair elections are the best way to guarantee the rights and freedoms of a nation’s citizens. As fellow democratic nations, these are values that the people of the United States and Pakistan share. Regardless of who the next president is, the U.S. will continue to work closely with the Pakistani people.”
Participants watched live television coverage of the American elections, voted for their favorite president from American history in a mock poll, attended informational sessions, and took election quizzes.