US Afghan policy to incorporate concerns about Pakistan, India


The US Policy on Afghanistan would include broader concern that incorporates Pakistan and India as well as a regional solution. “We are looking at this as not just a solution to Afghanistan, but also a broader concern that incorporates India and Pakistan as well as a regional solution” State Department spokesperson Heather Nauert said at a briefing here Thursday. Asked to comment on government’s view point over the Afghan strategy announced by Senator McCain earlier in the day, the spokesperson said a lot of people are very curious about the policy which is still underway. She said there have been a lot of conversations and negotiations with the President’s national security team that also includes Secretary of State Tillerson. Ms Nauert said the White House will roll out the Afghan plan, but “we just don’t have that done just yet. It’s still under review”.  She avoided to give a direct answer to the question and only said that the state department is aware of Senator McCain’s proposal. In a lighter vein, Ms Nauert said it was great to see Senator McCain back in Washington, a very strong and tough man because his father experienced the same illness that he had. Mr McCain frustrated over delay by President Donald Trump’s administration in announcement of Afghan policy, Thursday presented his own plan calling for ramping up pressure on Pakistan.  Mr McCain’s plan also calls for intensifying US diplomatic effots with Afghanistan, Pakistan, China, India, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan and other nations to promote political reconciliation in Afghanistan.—INP