Upcoming Pakistani movie ‘Saawan’ nominated for Madrid Film Festival

Movie depicting epic struggle of a disabled child

Zubair Qureshi

“Saawan” the upcoming Pakistani Film, under the banner of Kalakar Films has been nominated in Madrid (Spain) International Film Awards (July 8-July 15 2017). Saawan is the first-ever Pakistani feature film to be selected for the coveted film festival. The film is directed by Farhan Alam and written by the award-winning writer Mashood Qadri. The movie is produced by Asma Qadri.
While talking to Pakistan Observer, Shahnaz Akhtar, a member of team said it was quite morale boosting for the entire team that the movie is selected for Madrid Film Awards. Saawan is inspired by a true story of Polio Child and is going to be released in Pakistani Theaters this summer. Saawan was shot in Skardu, and has post-production phase was done in India and Hollywood, edited by International known Editor Aseem Sinha, she said. Music was composed by Hollywood based Emir Isilay, Sound designing was done by Emmy Award Winning – Justin Lebens. There are two background songs in Saawan, one of them was performed by Bollywood singer CJ Virdi and another one in Baluchi, performed by a renowned singer Akhtar Chanal Zahri and music by Adeel Ali and Fahad Siddiqui, said Shahnaz Akhtar.
Because of the robust combination of direction, script writing, story-line, acting and cinematography, Saawan is not any lesser in any of its high-skilled techniques than any of the top-rated Irani movies. For all of its apparent melodrama, “Saawan” is not an obvious or manipulative film. It touches the heart with the harsh reality of life and depicts the misery of poverty and has shown the poverty-stricken inhabitant who have been living on the basic Principal of “survival of the fittest”.
Story line of Saawan is beyond the immediacy of our ordinary circumstances, and turns our attention towards the transcendent. Saawan is a glimpse into the hope of tomorrow and is a lesson for many today that ignore such children during their daily walk of life.
Karam Hussain as “Saawan” – 9 year old polio victim child who is gentle, has deep insight, full of love, intelligent, artist in his own world, but because of his disability he is a dejected soul. He has been then left alone in the daunting valley of Baluchistan, Pakistan because of poverty and helplessness by his parents. Karam’s only quench for survival is based on his kind love of his mother and unconditional love for his baby sister. Farhan Alam the Director of the movie has shown multi-talent of being the Movie Director and Director of Photography in a brilliant fashion. Farhan Alam was also the Director of Photography for Bin Roye” known for its amazing cinematography. The movie is full of adventure with the most scenic camera eye of Skardu by ingenious Farhan Alam. In the middle of this quintessential beauty of the most beautiful cinematographic landscaping, the serenity and wilderness. The arduous journey of all alone Saawan – Karam Hussain has brought together different characters of the society up on the screen: An inspiring mother- Beautiful Najiba Faiz, a TV reporter Handsome Imran Aslam, a common criminal Shahid Nizami, a child abductor Famous gutsy Saleem Mairaj, the cruel landlord Sohail Malik and an ambivalent father Arif Bahalim. Four kids joined him later the journey.
A brave mother, whose citations had given him the Passion of life, but he cannot find his mother and mother carries tears of silent regrets. One of the uniqueness of the story is a depiction of Najiba as a brave mother, who was strong enough to raise the special needs child on her own, someone special to love, someone more than herself. Her other half, an ignorant and brutal father – Arif Bahalim who used to beat his son for his own ignorance has later realized his shortcoming, goes through the worse guilt and has decided to go back on the road in search of his son – Saawan.

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