UN’s Chief designate visits China


Beijing—UN Secretary-General designate Antonio Guterres on Monday met with Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi in Beijing, as part of a two-day visit to China.
Topics of their discussion included multilateralism as well as the future of roles of China and the UN in the global context.
The visit was at the invitation of the Chinese government, which aims to further enhance the mutual trust and map out the future development between the two sides.
During the meeting, Guterres said people around the world are suffering threats, such as climate change, population growth, food insecurity, and water scarcity.
Facing a multiplication of new challenges with old conflicts still unsolved, the UN Secretary-General designate believes multilateralism is in great need.
“We see that economic progress and technology progress have not been able to reduce inequality. And inequality has become an important factor of instability in the world. Which means we’re seeing global problems for which we need global solutions.—INP