Unemployment in Pakistan


Zubair Hussain

Unemployment is an acute problem of Pakistan. It is very serious problem, demanding wise leadership to solve it. It will have to be faced quickly and wisely if we wish to avoid social revolution. Government efforts to create nominal employment are counter-productive as it draws resources from productive sectors, where the generation of national income and direct and indirect employment opportunities are likely to be higher. The present state of unemployment is caused by “safarish”. The deserving candidates do not get jobs and the persons with “safarish” easily get jobs of their choice.
Another reason for unemployment is that the number of industries is not increasing in Pakistan. Shortage of capital is an important cause of unemployment in a developing country like Pakistan. Low savings leads to low investment, which ultimately results in low capital formation. When rate of capital accumulation is low, unemployment will be the natural outcome of the situation.
The population of Pakistan is increasing at a rate of 1.9% per annum due to which more than one million people enter the job market each year. Hence rate of unemployment is increasing year after year.
In Pakistan, the solution to the unemployment problem lies in an energetic industrial revival, sustained economic growth and effective control on birth rate. Government should provide loans to the unemployed skilled labour to promote self employment. Government should also encourage the setting-up of small industries, particularly in rural areas. The government must consider the matter and find out a way to help out the unemployed in a concrete manner so that they may be able to play their due role in economic development of the country.
— Karachi