UN urged practical steps for Kashmir settlement



In occupied Kashmir, APHC General Secretary and the Chairman of Jammu and Kashmir Democratic Freedom Party (DFP), Shabbir Ahmad Shah, has said that though the concern expressed by the UN over Kashmir is satisfactory but the world body should rise above the rhetorical statements on the Kashmir dispute and take practical steps towards it settlement.
Shabbir Ahmed Shah in a statement in Srinagar said that the UN and world community had been witnessing the grave situation and continued human rights violations by India in occupied Kashmir for the last 70 years and there was a dire need to find a permanent resolution to the lingering dispute than just issuing statements.
“UN should look who is creating impediments in way of resolving Kashmir which is the root cause of continuous flare-up between India and Pakistan at the Line of Control (LoC), political instability in South Asia, and unending bloodshed in the disputed territory,” he said.
Shabbir Shah said that the people of Kashmir and Pakistan had always expressed seriousness in resolving the dispute but India on one hand, was continuing with its policy of bloodshed in Kashmir and on other, was jeopardizing the peace in the region.
He urged the world powers to identify those countries creating hurdles in establishment of peace across the globe so that they could be isolated.
He appealed to the UN Secretary General and the permanent members of the World Body to devise a strategy to resolve the Kashmir dispute.
The DFP Chairman asked the people of India to ponder why New Delhi despite utilising all its state machinery hasn’t succeed in changing the reality of the disputed territory till date.—KMS