UK product house Tresco comes to Pakistan


Salahuddin Haider


Ever reliable UK once again showed the way to the world by launching its world-reputed product house TRESCO in Pakistan, proving the point that the country was on its way out of the crisis, and was full of untapped potentials. The announcement about the Tresco label products at Alpha Supermarkets in Pakistan was made by the Brtiish High Commissioner in Pakistan Thoms Drew in company with the deputy high commissioner in Karachi Belinda Lewis, Nadeem Hussain, Chairman, Limestone (pct) Ltd, and the CEO of the company Adnan Hamid at a media briefing here Tuesday afternoon.
Both the High Commissioner, and the deputy high commissioner in Karachi, who is also director of the British Investment Board in Pakistan, commended the uplifting of the Pakistani economy, recalling that most of the international rating agencies ha recognised this and they could see this country gaining a good growth rate, of upto 5.5. percent. That gives lot of confidence to the British firms and companies, for joint ventures with Pakistanis, and opening their business houses here.
British announcement has come at a time, when the world still seems scepitcal and hesitant about security and other perception, but the British have been bold and enterprising in their approach, which should serve as example for others to emulate in Europe, America, Japan etc.