Truth in Pakistan


Hashim Abro

There is so much lying in this society that it is difficult to know where to start. Simply, I have to say that the truth never sounds good to many in our society. Habitual liars are highly honoured and truth tellers are treated like orphan boys in this society. So, whosoever speaks the truth, he/she invites troubles for his/her own person. They wrestle awhile on their own but can’t sustain it.
All’s right with the society. The rule is that there are no rules but lying is a rule in many matters. I feel really ridiculous when I say it. Believe me! Many people want to tell the truth but they can’t because there is no one to support them. People see that there is a rampant stealing of the state resources in various public sector organizations by those who are placed in prime positions but every time these completely power –besotted people tell lies to get their gains.
Truth tellers keep on burning in their heart but they hesitate to tell the truth to the highest destination directly because of fear of horrendous consequences. It is seen that these sensitive employees sometimes use names of other daring and courageous officers to convey the truthful accounts and realities. The truth tellers must have the courage to call spade a spade, instead of using others’ name and designation. Nobody likes living in a lying society like ours where nine out of ten persons tell a pack of lies but many people are sources and resourcesless, which is why they can’t quit.