Trump’s UK visit being rescheduled


Sohail Iqbal


British government is contemplating to reschedule the US President’s visit besides considering to move its expected venue away from London. Prime Minister Theresa May during her visit to US recently had invited President Donald Trump that sparked wide spread opposition both within public and their representatives across U.K.
Controversy generated in the Parliament when speaker of the House of Commons made it a point that he would not allow Trump to use historic Westminster Hall for address to the Parliament. John Bercow, Speaker is now facing vote of no confidence signed by 150 members of the Parliament on the pretext that he broke the tradition by saying that he did not think Trump should be afforded the honour of addressing both Houses of Parliament.
The government has also overruled a petition signed by over 1.85 million UK citizens calling for cancellation of Trump’s state visit. 250 legal academics has also urged Theresa May to cancel state visit of US President and scale back Britain’s support for US until Trump reverses his positions on immigration, refugees, torture, climate change and judicial independence.
The British media has reported that Donald Trump’s visit to U.K. will be rescheduled to avoid embarrassing him.
The visit will be postponed until sometime between late August and the end of September, report published in The Gurdian states.
That will mean that it can be held while Parliament is in recess- and MPs are not around to embarrass the President by objecting to him, the report added.
The US President is expected to head to the U.K. on a short visit and is unlikely to spend his much time in London following some massive protests to greet him.
It has now been suggested that the government might look to move visit away from London as a way of avoiding any protests.
Another news report suggest that Donald Trump’s controversial state visit to Britain could move from London to Midlands (Birmingham) to allow US President to address a mass rally and raise money for Armed Forces veterans.
It is felt that a gathering in the Brexit heartland might offer President Trump a more sympathetic hearing as a supporter of Britain out of the European Union, media report said.

However, those opposed to the Trump’s UK visit think that protest against the US President would be the biggest. Another media report said that PM Therease May has told Donald Trump that she looks forward to welcoming him to the UK for state visit.