Tremendous victory


Pakistani team has made history with its scintillating shots all over the ground against furious Indian opponents in the Grand Finale. The scoreboard over 300 flabbergasted the cricket lovers as it wasn’t seem possible at the start of inning but the tremendous opening partnership broke all the previous records. Team batted audaciously well in order to put the opponent under immense pressure. In the similar vein, the belligerent bowling attack by greens dismantled world’s best batting on 158 only.
Pakistani team showed remarkable resilience in all three departments which brought about fabulous victory of 180 runs. The dazzling performance exhilarated the whole nation. This is surely no doubt the blessing of Ramadan and prayers of supporters. The tenacity, teamwork and determination throughout the tournament must be adulated. Young guns have showed their class. New talent on merit must be promoted to see the same results in future.
The brilliant knock against the world class team will be remembered always. it’s a great reply to unabated criticism. It’s the beginning of our glory. Stand-Up for the Champions. Thanks Team Pakistan….

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