Treaty of Hudaibyah


The Spirit Of Islam

Samreen Aamir Bari

IT is true that our actions reflect our minds and feelings. Through teachings of Islam we can groom our personalities and thoughts as Islam is the religion of peace and harmony. Patience is the most vital tool to maintain peace those who have this virtue are distinctive from others. Patience means to abstain, forbear and refrain from all that is not good. We can learn the spirit of this virtue through the life of the Holy Prophet (PBUH). The treaty of Hudaibyah is the most classic example and the guideline for the Muslim rulers of the contemporary world. It facilitated to reduce rivalry between the two cities, i.e. Makkah and Madina and confirmed a 10-year peace.
The Holy Prophet (PBUH) had a dream that he entered Mecca and did tawaf around the Kaaba. In 628 AD the Holy Prophet (PBUH) with his 1400 companions set out for Mecca they were all wearing Ahraams dress of a pilgrim and also brought sacrificial animals. The Holy Prophet (Peace be Upon Him) ask his companions to stop at the place of Hudaibiya, From there he sent a messenger to inform the Quraish that the Muslims are unarmed and are willing to perform Umrah and after performing Umrah they will leave the Ka’aba peacefully.
The Quraish were well aware of the power of Muslims they were worried and disturbed when they heard the news and decided to negotiate. The Holy Prophet (PBUH) agreed to meet with Meccan emissaries. After discussions the two parties decided to resolve their conflict through mutual consent rather than fighting, and a treaty was formulated.
It was called the Treaty of Hudaibiya. It had the following terms: (i). Muslims will not perform Umrah this year they will return to Medina. (ii). They will be allowed next year to perform pilgrimage and can stay in Mecca for three days. (iii). If any individual from Quraish will accept Islam without the permission on his/her guardians would be sent back to Makkah. But if a Muslim from Madinah went to Makkah he would be allowed to stay there. (iv). There would be no fighting for ten years.
There was ferocity among the Muslims because in their views the treaty was against the Muslims and for them it was like a defeat but because in respect of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) and because of his teachings and the Islamic ethic “fulfil every promise” Muslims did exactly as the treaty said. As a result of this treaty the Muslims got the opportunity to spread Islam over the areas not explored then. When there was no danger of war the Muslim missionaries spread Islam with great dedication and sincerity as a result within two years of the treaty the doubled as many entered Islam as before and when Prophet (PBUH) set out to liberate Makkah two years later he had 10000 men with him.
— The writer is freelance columnist, based in Karachi.
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