THE other day while attending a board meeting for a committee I sit on, I entered room and found deathly silence instead of normal chatter. I sat in place and pulled out paper and pen to write minutes, since at an earlier meeting it had been decided to use my writing talent in this direction.
“You don’t have to write the minutes anymore,” said red faced man sitting opposite me.” I stared at him. For the last few weeks I had given him total support in a problem he had been going through. Though at times I had felt he was wrong, I had decided to stand by him. Now I stared at him surprised by his tone. “Why?” I asked. “Have I written anything wrong? Have I forgotten to minute something? Is my English not up to your mark? I’ll go back to school and learn bigger words if you want!”
Nobody laughed at my attempt at humor and looking around, I found no one in laughing mood. I was troubled as I walked out and it was only next day I found out that red faced man had been made an offer by an outside party to legalise illegal structure he had built.
Knowing I would object to any such decision, he had decided to write the minutes himself so as to manipulate word and sentence and not give inkling through written word of the deal he was going to make. The others in the room were also party to the deal..! That night as I lay down to sleep, I realized the meaning of the word treachery. I understood what it was to be stabbed in the back.
I thought of loving husbands and wives who after giving their all to spouse find out they have married traitors. Who come home one day to find divorce papers staring them in the face and their peace shattered forever. I thought of youngsters who had been ditched and fathers who found sons cheating them in family business.
I still remember travelling by Greyhound in the US and having next to me an old lady. “Tell me about your family,” I said. “I’ll tell you about Toby,” she said and proceeded throughout the journey talking about her pet dog. I Her dog was her life, because she felt for sure that four legged canine would never be traitor to her. I listened to her and then asked somewhat cruelly what would happen if Toby died.
“I’d die too,” she said simply. “Why don’t you give your affection to someone who will never walk out on you nor ever die?” I asked, “who will give you loyalty to the grave and beyond.
She looked at me in that Greyhound bus and with tears in her eyes nodded. That night after that treacherous committee meeting I couldn’t get sleep, and tossed and turned awhile. Suddenly I smiled, stretched out my hand, and felt it being grasped firmly by Someone up there who would never leave me nor forsake me..!
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