Traffic signal at 5-Star Chowrangi


Muhammad Faizan

The traffic in the city is nothing less than mayhem, to say the least. However, there are a few places where sanity has just bid farewell ages ago. One of such places is the 5 Star Chowrangi in North Nazimabad. This is a place where the world has turned upside down. Since waiting on red and moving on the green light is too mainstream, citizens of the locality have surprisingly developed a consensus that the reverse will be followed by all and sundry i.e. they will only move when the light turns red and wait during the green light.
For years I jogged through my tiny mind trying to figure out the reason behind it which was at last revealed to me one night. The underlying problem behind this unusually chaotic crossroad is the extremely brief time duration of the signal lights. Considering the magnitude of traffic flow in the particular area during a single day, the signals must be at least operating at a 90-second duration whereas it is currently running at 30 seconds each side. Irony is that all 4 sides run equal timers which is absurd since the flow of traffic is skewed towards 3 particular directions.
I urge the authorities to kindly put some intelligence on the installation of timers in signals across the city and especially the aforementioned place. There are already millions if unlicensed and untrained/untamed drivers on the road which the authorities have deliberately turned a blind eye to. Resetting the timer to match the traffic flow at any signal is the least that relevant traffic authorities can do to ease people from a continuous daily agony.