Traffic police issues diversion plan


Islamabad—The Islamabad Traffic Police (ITP) issued a diversion plan to regulate traffic in view of the Muharram procession here. According to traffic police, the diversion points include I-10 Markaz, CDA Chowk No. 1, Katarian Pull, Main IJP road Pirwadhai side, IJP road Faizabad side and CDA Chowk.
The alternative route provided by police is I-10, Sabzi Mandi to Faizabad while people who want to go to Murree road, Barakahu, Khana Pul and Airport can use the IJP road. Residents of Katarian, Faizabad, I-8 and I-9 can use IJP road and external Pirwadhai road. The roads will remain open during the procession.—APP