Traffic management through RFID


After installing CCTV cameras on important roads under Islamabad Safe City project, government is firming up another project that will not only aid in security matters but also help address the issue of traffic snarls on the roads. Chairing a meeting on Thursday, Interior Minister Ch Nisar Ali Khan directed Islamabad traffic police to install Radio Frequency Identification Device (RFID) barriers at all entry and exit points by end of May.
In many modern cities, RFID technology is being used to ensure smooth flow of traffic and avoid congestions. RFID tags in fact are wireless devices, using radio frequency electromagnetic fields to transfer data, which are used for identifying and tracking objects. Each vehicle can be installed with an RFID tag. This RFID tag would store all the information regarding the vehicle such as vehicle number etc. RFID tags can be used in identifying each vehicle uniquely and also help the driver to receive some traffic messages. Coupled with existing signalling system, the technology can be used for keeping count of vehicles and help in detection of traffic congestion. We understand that introduction of this automated RFID tagging system will save commuters from hassle of frequent security checks at various police checkpoints and enable Police to ensure optimum utilisation of its human resources. As interior minister has given two weeks’ time to NADRA and ICT administration for working out the modalities concerning costs and issuance of RFID tags to regular commuters, we expect all angles will be kept in mind for full utilisation of this technology. After its successful operation, the same system may be replicated in other major cities in order to cope with the issue of traffic congestion that has become a headache for people. With this, we also expect that interior minister will also find ways to get rid of containers which are placed every now and then on the occasion of protest demonstrations in the capital. We believe modern techniques such as water cannons and riot police could be used in place of these containers in order to bring ease to the lives of office goers and residents.