Torture of children continues


CHIEF Justice of Pakistan Justice Mian Saqib Nisar has taken notice of the tragic incident of chopping off a child’s hand by his lady employer in Sheikhupura. The notice was taken on media reports that right hand of a 13 year old domestic servant was cut as he demanded food before preparing fodder for animals.
This is a serious crime and hopefully the Chief Justice would take it to the logical conclusion. However, the system of justice sparks no confidence that the culprit would be taken to task in a society where police does not register cases against influential people. The plight of children working as domestic servants came to limelight when media highlighted the issue of torturing of a ten-year-old girl by a district and session judge and his wife. Chief Justice of Pakistan also took notice of the incident and case made headlines for some weeks but justice has not been meted out to the girl whereas exemplary punishment should have been awarded to the perpetrators of this crime. This is a sort of encouragement for other stone-hearted people and apart from the 13 year old girl, there was another report in the media the same day that a 12-year-old girl from Kandhkot was allegedly raped by her employers in Karachi’s Malir Cantt. Poverty forces children to work as home servants and maids and they are grossly exploited in different ways. A report titled ‘Cruel numbers 2016’ revealed that 4,139 children were sexually abused last year, a ten percent increase over previous year. These figures were compiled on the basis of media reports and therefore, no one knows the actual number as countless cases go unreported for various reasons. The situation would not change until and unless police, administration and judiciary work in unison to punish the culprits however influential and well connected they are.

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