The pot of gold


I walked this morning with angry clouds looking down at me. There was an ill wind that rose in crescendo and then quietened itself but threateningly promising a pent up fury that could destroy. The otherwise beautiful morning sky was dark and the weatherman’s forecast of an impending cyclone seemed about to happen.
And then I saw the rainbow. It was the most wonderful sight on earth. The colours rose together in perfect symmetry stretching themselves from ground to sky using the dark backdrop of the sky to enhance their ethereal beauty. Oh what a splendid sight. Oh what a message. God telling the world not to despair. A heavenly father telling his earthly children to see and believe.
I looked at the rainbow and closed my eyes and allowed the colours to envelope the whole sky. Soon my mind was only bathed in the vivid reds and the calm blue, the peaceful green and the energetic yellow, the violet and the indigo and enveloped by a healing orange. It seemed that a God above had put a radiant cloak on my cluttered mind.
There were no dark clouds. No sound of ominous winds. There was no despair, only a feeling of light headed laughter. A happiness that filled every part of me. It seemed that I had found the pot of gold.
All of us search for that all elusive pot of god . Be it a pot of the real yellow stuff or a pot of peace. We search for that pot in terms of success in our work, in our love life or in our marriage. And the pot seems to be an illusion.
May be we look for that pot in all the wrong places. Maybe we seek that pot at the foot of the rainbow. We see the rainbow and instead of looking up at it we run to the foot of it, looking at ground, and not to the colours above.
Look up. The pot of gold is in the rainbow itself. Allow those colours of hope to gently surround you and clothe you with their vibrant chemistry. Allow a father to reach down and take you to a palace of happiness and laughter.
The pot of gold is there in the midst of despair. In the depths of grief. In the throes of conflict. In hopelessness. In dejection. In rejection and misery. Melancholy, anguish and wretchedness. Smile today if your life seems broken. Laugh with the God given colours that need a dark backdrop to highlight themselves. Therein lies your pot of gold. Take it!
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