The concept of modern war


Sumaiya Fayyaz

Pak Army is ranked as the 15th most powerful military in the world according to Global Firepower, a website that ranks military strengths of various countries as per their set criteria. I wanted to see Pakistan among the top 10. However, I was satisfied when I read that the nuclear capability was not taken into account while determining the rating. This listing is purely a “numbers game” meant to spark debate and including such game-changers as nuclear weapons, would clearly defeat the purpose of such an analysis.
In any case, any nation going to war would refrain from using such destructive weapons, after what the humanity faced in 1945. No nation has utilized this nuclear option during the last over 60 years, despite a number of conflicts in the world. If there is a World War III, it will, most likely, be of the conventional sort. The comparisons are based solely on a nation’s capabilities at land, sea and air, with other statistics covering the logistical and financial aspects of waging such a campaign, if inevitable. However, if at all a nuclear device is detonated advertantly or inadvertently by either of the warring countries, the havocs might not be determined in the established standards any humanity might be suffering beyond known proportions.