IT was not everyday the Man on the Moon gave his wife lessons on the universe, but today as he pointed Earth to her, he was perturbed by what he saw, “Notice the different colours down there,” he said. “Aquamarine!” she said pointing to America. “Turquoise green!” he said. “You see green, I see blue?” she asked.
“The colour of confusion,” he said wisely, “It’s a very bewildered America we have down there. After they elected what they called an immoral, uncouth, crass man for president, they’ve found those who voted him in were moral, sophisticated, civilized citizens!”
“That’s confusing indeed!” agreed his wife, as the Man on the Moon nodded, then said, “There’s more Turquoise blue on the right!” “Aquamarine!” said his wife, “And which country is that?” “India!” said the Man on the Moon thoughtfully. “They’re generally pretty confused all the time but not to the extent you see now!”
“Any reason for India’s extreme confusion?” asked his wife looking at the sub-continent intently. “Oh yes!” laughed her husband. “They’re thoroughly confused about the man they voted into power.” “You’d told me, there were those who loved him, and those who hated him! Where’s the confusion?” “That’s how it was till the Eighth of November dear! Now those who love him are terribly confused as their money disappears before their eyes, and many who hated him, are perplexed wondering whether they’ve misjudged the man!”
“Oh the poor people!” sighed the Woman on the Moon and then shouted, “Husband there’s a spaceship coming directly to our Moon! But it’s got a lot of aquamarine all round it!” “Turquoise Green!” smiled the husband. “Who is it?” asked the wife. “The man himself!” said the Man on the Moon. “But why is he surrounded by the colours of confusion?” “Because he’s now confused!” said the Man on the Moon, “He’s not sure whether it was a good move or bad move. He’s not sure who his friends are anymore. He’s not even sure if he’s got friends!”
They watched as the spacecraft landed and the white bearded man got out. “He’s all Aquamarine!” said the wife. “Turquoise Blue!” said her husband, then turned to the bearded figure, “Hello sir! Any special reason to come to the Moon?”
“I asked for fifty days!” sighed the man from India, “Might need to relocate here in another month!” “Well there’s a huge need for a chaiwallah!” said the Man on the Moon seriously, as his wife clapped gleefully. She loved tea..!
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