Thank you Lord..!

I remember that day so well, when my elder one burst into my room, “Dad! I had an accident!” “What happened?” I half shouted, half screamed, looking at her for signs of injury.
Each day as they walked out of home, I stood by window and prayed, “Lord send your guardian angels, round them,” and as I looked I believe I felt, day after day, huge angels descending and walking by them, steadying them, protecting them. Angels sent by a God above to protect my three precious ones. “There were six of us dad,” she said, “and we were late, so we decided to hire two autos and go by the highway.
Our rickshaw driver started going at breakneck speed, and suddenly the fellow at the back, decided to teach him a lesson. He drove in front of ours swerved into him and the next moment I felt our rickshaw hit and the other one flying towards a tree!”
“Dad,” she said, “there they were five girls all lying on the highway, bleeding, and suddenly they realized I was still in the auto and could be pinned underneath!”
I visualized the scene, and shuddered. I wanted to reach out and hug and cry. “Dad,” she said, “it was like I became numb for two minutes and then I climbed out, totally unscathed!” “Thank God!” I managed to whisper.
“Do you know what I was doing dad, as my rickshaw started spinning and I realized were in a serious crash? I just started praying. It must have been split seconds dad, but all I remember was asking God to please take care of me!”
“And He did,” I thought, smiling at her. There were tears in my eyes and as I looked at her, my thoughts went to a phone call many, many years ago, from her school when she was little:
“Daddy!” she had cried, “I can’t stand, my legs are hurting terribly, daddy!” “I’m coming,” I said and then went on my knees and prayed, “God,” I said, “she’s little, she’s precious, please take the pain away, by the time I drive to her school!”
She was there at the gate. She ran, jumped into the car. “How’s the pain?” I asked. “It went suddenly,” she said. “It just went..!” As I remember these incidents all I can say is thank you God.
And it’s a thank you I would like to say today. “Thank you God for being there for so many of us worried parents, who in these times of uncertainties, of hate and terror all over, have no one else to leave our children to, but into your divine care. Thank you Lord..!”
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