Terrorism and education


Munaj Gul Baloch

Terrorism, an unfortunate evil phenomenon of modern times, is the worst enemy of education, thus a harbinger for a gloomy future for the upcoming generation and the biggest foe of a splendid society. Apathy towards education is directly proportional to the growth of extremism, intolerance and terrorist mindset.
Throughout the world and particularly the South Asian region the leaders at the helm of affairs are evasive to education as it figures nowhere in their priorities, and hence they themselves are responsible for the growth of terrorism. Education is the only thing that can overcome the ominous acts of terrorists but unfortunately, none of the Muslim countries has a splendid university and library where the students can do research for any filed and South Asian countries are very backward in the education of women if we compare it with the European countries.
On the other hand, in South Asia most of the people do not have the basic needs like food, health, house, quality education and many more. Pakistan is the worst hit country by the menace of terrorism and even the innocent children; students, boys, girls and teachers are not spared by the terrorists. They have assaulted on many schools and killed many innocent people and children.
So the governments of Pakistan and other Muslim countries are requested to build more schools, colleges, universities where students must gain what they want and need. The government of Pakistan also needs to do something for the eradication of terrorism and corruption that are making our country lag behind the other developed countries.
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