Telenor partnered with Vivid Technologies

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Telenor has partnered with Vivid Technologies, which was incubated at Plan9 and then accelerated at PlanX, both projects of Punjab Information Technology Board (PITB) to transform its customer services by providing Visual IVR services. Vivid is enabling an enhanced telephony customer service through upgraded technology in terms of visual navigation. It is a major step forward for companies that have an appetite for better customer services.
Conventionally people are required to dial helplines, wait for instructions and then they are connected with an operator after waiting on hold extensively. When given the option, people skip the IVR; rendering the use of the conventional system, redundant.
With the induction of this new service people can now swipe through options and dial a number that directs their complaint to the right area without unnecessary delays. This improves the quality of engagement and customer service for Telenor via eradication of waiting time.
Vivid Technologies is a mid-stage company with a presence in the UK and headquarters in the USA. Since opening shop 2 years ago, they have raised funding from countries as widespread as the UK, USA and Japan from companies like Sunbridge Ventures.

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