Tehran, Brasilia set to deepen economic ties


Tehran—Iran’s Econ-omy Minister Tayebnia has stressed that the country welcomes all initiatives to develop and strengthen bilateral cooperation between Tehran and Brasilia. The Iranian minister made the remarks at the closing ceremony of the 14th Iran-Brazil Joint Investment Economic Com-mission meeting held on Nov 17-18 in Brasilia. The session was also attended by Jos‚ Serra, Brazil’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, as well as the Brazilin Minister of Industry and Commerce Marcos Pereira. Iran’s Tayebnia appreciated Brazil’s hosting of the joint economic commission reiterating that both sides appear to enjoy serious determination for reinvigoration of economic relations. He underlined that the determination is rooted in the age-old friendship between the two sides which has led to continuous growth of mutual ties including the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) in various areas like energy,industries, mining, technology, agriculture as well as pharmaceuticals. Iran’s economy minister, while pointing to the efforts made to bring back economic stability to the country.—APP