Teenage lifestyle


Wafa Ayesha

Through the columns of your esteemed newspaper, I want to draw the attention of parents as well as the government towards the prevalent lifestyle among teenagers. I will discuss about its merits and demerits and suggest some positive points. 50 years ago, teens were more interested in studies, sports and day-to-day activities but today everything is changed. It has taken a new phase; teens have started consuming a lot of time in parties, social media, using drugs, smoking and many other evil habits. They easily get involved in unhealthy and obnoxious activities. They want to do things their own way ignoring the consequences.
Teens or youngsters are said to be the future of a nation. It’s essential to show them the right path and help them develop good manners. For this parents and teachers have equally to play a vital role. They should develop good friendly ties with teens and inculcate positivism in them. This will help them build their future. Educational institutions should put more and more emphasis on character building. Government must take steps that will help teenagers stay away from unwanted things. We must help teens to build a better lifestyle today so that they can live a happier life tomorrow.