Take courage..!


A couple on their honeymoon were about to get into bed at their hotel when a masked burglar broke in. He drew a chalk circle on the floor, beckoned to the husband and said, “Stand there in that circle. If you step out of it, I shall shoot you through the head!”
While the husband stood inside the circle bolt upright, the burglar took everything he could lay his hands on, threw it all into a sack and was about to get away when he saw once again the pretty bride covered in nothing more than a sheet. He called out to her, turned on the radio, made her dance with him, hugged her, kissed her and would have gone farther hadn’t she valiantly fought him off.
When the burglar finally took off, the woman turned to her husband and yelled, “What kind of man are you that you stood in the middle of that circle doing nothing while I was almost raped.
“It isn’t true I did nothing,” the husband protested, “I defied him. Each time he had his back turned towards me, I stuck my foot outside the circle..!”
I’m sure the parents of that bridegroom must have been proud of herself for bringing up a mouse of a son who knew how to only take care of himself. Talking about mice: According to an ancient Indian fable a mouse was in constant distress because of its fear of the cat. A magician took pity on it and asked the mouse, “What do you want to become?”
“A cat,” said the mouse. So a cat the mouse became. But then it became afraid of the dog. So the magician turned it into a dog. Then it began to fear the panther, and into a panther it was changed.
But the panther feared the lion, and lion the hunter and the magician dutifully changed it into all of these, but it was still afraid.
At this point the magician gave up. He turned it into a mouse again saying, “Nothing I do for you is going to help, because you have the heart of a mouse..!” Most of us ‘taking care of ourselves’ people, have hearts of mice. I watched once as actor after actor turned hostile in court when asked to testify against a gangster who had tried to extort money from them. Even with all their fame and fortune, they were mice inside, except one pretty actress, named Priety Zinta.
I wonder what her mother and father say when they wish her good bye? I’m sure it isn’t, ‘take care of yourself.’ I’m sure it is, ‘Take courage!’
It’s courage we need to wish for each other, it’s courage we need to bless our children with. Not ‘taking care,’ but taking courage to stand tall and face the world, fight bullies and Hitler type monsters and win, win, win! Take courage..!
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