Support comes as expected


In all fairness, neither the latest outburst of the US President against Pakistan had come as a surprise nor the reaffirmation of firm support of China to Pakistan in the war against terrorism has come as a shock to the people throughout the country. Both these unpleasant and unwelcome and pleasant and most welcome developments have come as expected from the so-called old ally and time-tested, all weather iron friend respectively.
China has all along been supporting and standing with Pakistan in difficult times and has quite timely thrown its weight behind Pakistan following the hurling of allegations and accusations by the US and this has been warmly welcomed by one and all as this was very much expected from a good and trusted friend.
China has quite firmly reiterated its stand with Pakistan and called upon the world community to fairly and duly acknowledge Pakistan’s efforts for world peace and the ongoing war against terrorism at the joint press conference addressed by Chinese Foreign Minister Wang YI and visiting Pakistan Foreign Minister Khwaja Muhammad Asif at the end of his maiden one day official visit to Beijing after assuming the office.
According to the reports in the newspapers, the Chinese Foreign Minister said Beijing sees Pakistan as a close ally, good brother and iron friend and forcefully said without naming the US or India that it is time that some countries give Pakistan full credit its counter terrorist efforts which it rightly deserves, for years Pakistan has been a victim of terrorism, more importantly Pakistan is an important participant in international cooperation against terrorism, when it comes to the issue of counter-terrorism Pakistan has done its best with a clear conscious . On his part, the visiting Foreign Minister Khwaja Asif said Pakistan strongly adheres to one China policy and supports China on its core issues of Taiwan, Tibet, Xinjiang and South China Sea and firmly reiterated Operations Zarb-i-Azb and Raddul Fasaad against terrorist groups including East Turkestan Islamic Movement (ETIM) and have yielded positive results pointedly adding that ETIM is not a threat to China but also to Pakistan. Both the foreign ministers said that the two countries have agreed that the solution to the Afghan conflict has to be fundamentally political and that there is no military solution to the issue.
Quite obviously, the Chinese support has strengthened Pakistan’s stand and its ongoing war on terrorism of all manifestations and without any discrimination. Islamabad needs such support and it has come just as expected from Beijing. China and Pakistan enjoy each other’s mutual trust and confidence, which is quite appreciable and commendable.

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