Students, teachers reiterate faith in future of Pakistan


Zubair Qureshi
Students, teachers and the guests reiterated their faith in Pakistan and the future of Pakistan while celebrating Independence Day here at the Islamabad Model College for Girls (Post Graduate) Islamabad F-7/4. Federal Directorate of Education (FDE) and Quami Yakjehti Council of Pakistan jointly organized the event. Director General Hasanat Ahmad Qureshi Federal directorate of Education was the Chief Guest on the function. Iftikar Rao, Director Model colleges Dr. Tariq Maqsood, Chairman Qaumi Yakjethi Council Nasim Ahmad Usmani, Principal of the college Miss Suleha Jabeen faculty members and students in large number attended the ceremony.   A National Song Competition held on the inaugural day of the Independence Day celebrations. According to the judges, the first prize was announced for Ms Tehmina Arshad and a Group From IMCG (PG),F-7/4  Islamabad. The second prize went to Ms Suleha kiran & Group from IMCG I-10/4, Islamabad while the third prize was bagged by Laraib & Group of IMCG F-7/2 Islamabad. The Chief Guest Hasanat Ahmed Director General FDE while congratulating the winners and commending the organizers for arranging the decent ceremony, said Pakistan is a gift of Almighty and we should value it. The country was founded by Quaid-i-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah and his dedicated team that worked day and night to counter the conspiracies of Hindus and the English. In acknowledging their efforts, we should work hard to make the country still greater and stronger, he said. Each student had to participate at individual level  for the Development of the Country by contributing their effort to create to better and prosperous Pakistan   he quoted John F Kennedy “ Ask not what country could do for you Ask what you can do for the country “ he said that the teacher play a vital role in grooming the personality of student. We educate students to be successful in their professional field but the teacher and the   institution should focus on character and personality building of the student for the better citizen of the society. Naseem Usmani also highlighted the significance of Independence Day and called upon the students to follow Quaid-i-Azam’s motto of “Work, work and more work.” We are indebted to the leaders of the Pakistan Movement and should strive hard to realize the dream our great poet Allama Mohammad Iqbal once cherished of the greatness of the Muslim Ummah, he said.  In the end, Principal expressed gratitude to the guests and briefed them about the college’s curricular and co-curricular activities.