Strengthen national institutions


Pakistan is our beloved Motherland and everyone living and breathing within its geographical boundaries owe it a lot irrespective of political differences or affiliations or any other consideration as such. Obligations of working for building a strong, united, integrated, prosperous and moderate Pakistan, to say the least, is as much responsibility of those in power as of those out of the corridors of powers.
Criticizing the federal and provincial governments pointing out their failings and shortcomings in a constructive manner putting forth counter proposals and suggestions for setting things right is democratic right of everyone. The federal and provincial governments are run by many institutions who work within their given. These national institutions are manned by none else but our own fellow countrymen.
Everyone whether in power or in the opposition can still well fulfil one’s obligations towards building a stronger, integrated, united, prosperous and moderate Pakistan by trying their utmost that while criticizing the federal and provincial government they do not criticize and weaken the national institutions in any manner whatsoever. In doing so and not weakening the national institutions out of their political and other considerations they will be quite commendably fulfilling their obligations towards the Motherland.
Freedom of expression sans responsibility towards protecting and safeguarding the supreme national interests is neither acceptable nor appreciable. All defence and security related institutions are performing their duties and offering great sacrifices in the war against terrorists, militants and extremists.
Muhammad Murtaza Zeeshan