Street beggars


Areeba Hafeez

I want to draw the attention of the concerned authorities towards increasing number of beggars in Karachi. Karachi is facing street begging at an alarming ratio with all varieties of beggars. They are seen on roads and streets, at traffic signals, parks or picnic points, hospitals, markets, outside the mosque and even at college and university gates. They irritate the residents of Karachi. A large number of our people are living under poverty line but a street beggar is earning more than a normal person. Their whole family involves in begging. They have made it a way of business. Their majority is professional and some of them are also involved in crimes. Some beggars operate by a group or Mafia. They train the beggars and especially child beggars who come from backward areas of the country. They have to handover their earnings to the Mafia which keeps a big chunk of it and leaves a minimum amount for these children to take home. Some beggars may really be in need but they are very few. Now, our government and we the masses have a responsibility to take appropriate measures to eliminate this curse from our society. The government should make some policies and schemes through which they can earn their own bread. There must be a strict plan for Mafia. So, that they will not do hurt humanity. We must have to plan some funds and Zakat for these needy for that they will not beg and will not adopt it as a profession