Stop honour killings


Sana Samad

Women in Pakistan continue to die in the name of honour killings, yet state is silent and does not seem to protect the women. The cases of honour killings are occurring on daily basis, due to poor criminal law and justice systems. Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP) estimated that nearly 1,096 women were killed for honour between 2014 and 2015. The cases are being committed by one the closest relatives and family members.
Pakistan is at third place in the list of most dangerous country for women, where women are being treated with cruelty. Leave honour killing, other cases of violence against women including rape, kidnapping, acid throwing and sexual abuse are growing on daily basis. It has really become dangerous for women to protect themselves and survive. Police have failed to eradicate this heinous crime, and have failed to investigate and arrest such cruel person. It is estimated that last year, dozens of cases of honour killings occurred in different parts of the country.
The sad news is that 90 percent cases are not being investigated, due to which more women are being killed in the name of honour. It is the responsibility of government to be serious and try to stop honour killings and save the lives of thousands of women.
— Via email