Stop harassment of Kashmiri students in Delhi: Jama’at

Srinagar—Jama’at e Islami has condemned the “harassment” campaign of Delhi Police against Kashmiri students studying in different educational institutions of Delhi and adjoining areas.
Jama’at in a statement issued here appealed the “justice-loving” people of India Saturday to come forward in support of the “oppressed” Kashmiris who face worst type of “state-sponsored atrocities” in and outside Kashmir. “Because of the upper hand of the fascist forces in India, the basic human freedoms are at stake. There is no scope left for the freedom of expression in such an environment. When there is no freedom to express one’s views freely and the hooliganism is encouraged and supported by the police, then it can be easily assumed that there is no scope for democracy in this country ruled by the communalist forces.”
The statement read that the apprehension of SAR Geelani and the JNUSU president Kanhaiya Kumar by the police.—JKH

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